The sum of all things

Perfume captures every sense. It can comfort, stir and evoke with impact and distinction, just as any art form should.

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O100° pays homage to the character and artistry of the fragrances it exhibits.
Its tailored space is a respectful nod to the science of a scent and a celebration of the bold creativity each embodies.

Creations & Private Labelling

O100° offer a boutique experience at the hands of prestigious perfume ateliers. Our unique consultation experience is designed to uncover your personal tastes and preferences. Taking inspiration from the brands you love and your own olfactory vision, our ateliers distil your concept and arrange for its bespoke creation.

Private Labelling gifts the opportunity to personalise a purchase with a name, dedication or transcription. Book a consultation with the O100° team to discuss to your concept.

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Exhibitions – Sight

Sight is a series of artistic works that offer our unique scents a new context – a sensory space as versatile and bold as the fragrances themselves.