The Highs, The Hearts

The Notes of an Experience

Purist – In Vision, in Trade

O100° hosts a spectrum of the world’s most exclusive, luxurious fragrances. Each scent is artisanal, the product of a clarity in boldness, creativity and quality.

Our unique collection is Olfactory Art.


Discovery – Your tailored Story

The search and selection of a perfume is an Experience. The stories within this discovery are self-penned and wholly sensical.

O100° is more than a guide, it is a tailored space reserved for the indulgence of creativity, art and the moment.


Expert – Mastering a Passion

It starts and ends with a passion. Perfumery is an art, a science and life-long love affair. And so, O100° are experts, artists and avid enthusiasts.

Parisian-trained and well versed in the lifeline of a fragrance, O100° handpick perfumes that are a rare ode to the art form. O100° and its team craft an experience that is rooted in expertise and a mutual love of perfume.