How to redeem your YouGotaGift gift card?

Step 1. Create and log into your account at

Step 2. Click on the menu and select "My Account", then choose "View Account".

Step 3. From the drop down the list, select the "YOUGOTAGIFT" section (last section).

Step 4. Best part! Enter your Gift card code and click on " Redeem", if the code entered is correct, the balance will be added to your Store Credit.
Note: you can click on "Check Availability" to see if the code has been used before or is still valid.

Step 5. Start shopping and add your products to your cart! Once you’re at the payment page, at the bottom of the page simply choose "Use Store Credit" as a payment method.
Note: if the store credit doesn't cover the total order value, then you will need to choose another payment method to pay the rest of your order. 


Video - How to use YouGotAGift on desktop

Video - How to use YouGotAGift on Mobile



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