Perfuming your home is an art... And it begins with candles, diffusers, and sprays

Fragrances are flawlessly crafted pieces of art portraying unspoken stories that only the one who pays attention can hear. Art belongs in our homes, and as we hang paintings to decorate our walls, so we should hang fragrances in the air to enchant our lives. Imagine the warm morning sun caressing your skin, smooth and delicate inspiring your olfactory senses. Let the artist in you find his masterpiece in our fragrances!

Fresh scents and tranquilizing vibes for the living room

One’s mood can be appropriately changed with aromatherapy through scented candles, with the right scent. Your brain chemicals react to the perfumes around you, so give your living room the warm welcoming feeling of home. Gentle fragrances, floral, and light are perfect for a peaceful atmosphere, but adding fruity aromas will upbeat your vibes in search of adventure.

We selected a few of the best fitting extravagant home fragrances for a living room:

Diptyque “Rose” Candle - Transform your living room into a green garden with this fresh and delicate floral fragrance. The aroma of an early morning on a green hill filled with roses and other blooming flowers of May. Once the candle burns out, the glass vessel can be used as a pretty floret vase.

Byredo “Cotton Poplin” Candle - The flavor of this classic Byredo black tint candle, hand-poured into mouth-blown glass vesselsconjure the satisfying feeling of freshly-washed linen; white fabric interlaced with tender yet exotic scents of chamomile, luminous cedar, and dainty musk. Perfect for simple yet exquisite home décor.

Frédéric Malle “County Home” Candle  – This candle is not just a scent diffuser but also an elegant decorative object. Every candle wax is hand-poured and burns with a clean and defined flame. The Country Home scent sends you into the relaxing ambient of a Scottish home and the comforting crackling of a fireplace. Fragrances of wood and hard-grained leather are happily imbued with sharp pine needle scents, cedar oil, styrax, and fir balsam.


When curating your home, an elevated experience is one that engages the senses. From evocative lighting to luxe textures and fabrics, every detail says something about your unique style - including the way you scent your space.

To help you enhance the ambiance of your atmosphere and enchant all those who enter, here are our top tips:


Tip #1

Consider the mood you want to create - Similar to how you choose a perfume for yourself, selecting a home scent should be about evoking your personality. When shopping, it can be helpful to think about your color scheme, music that will be played or other elements of decor. If you are hosting a party or event, you might also want to theme your scent for the occasion, perhaps with a subtle festive aroma, or something bright and cheery to spark lively conversation. 


Tip #2

Tell a different story in every room - Although there’s nothing wrong with choosing just one signature scent for your space, a fun way to spice it up is by choosing different fragrances for different rooms within your home. For example you may want something sweet and sleepy for your bedroom, while the kitchen may call for something more neutral so as not to clash with the smells of home cooking.


Tip #3

Explore options according to the needs of your space - Another important factor to consider when scenting a room is what type of fragrance will be appropriate for the setting. Home sprays and mists work well right before guests arrive, to ensure a fresh scent, while diffusers can be used to keep your home fragranced at all times. For the best of both worlds, candles are still a tried and true option for instantly bringing life to a room.